Directive UE2002 / 24

European Directive 2002/24 / EC: definition of the pedal assisted bicycle

The European directive 2002/24 / EC (article 1, point h) defines the pedal assisted bicycle as a bicycle equipped with
auxiliary electric motor and with the following characteristics:

maximum continuous rated power of the electric motor: 0.25 kW
engine power progressively reduced and therefore interrupted when reaching 25 km / h
motor supply interrupted before 25 km / h if the cyclist stops pedaling

Rad Runner E-Bike
Rad Runner E-Bike 0.25kW

Approval is not required for vehicles that comply with this directive and are considered in all respects as traditional bicycles.
Vehicles that do not meet these requirements at the same time cannot be considered bicycles and must therefore be homologated and registered.
This directive was implemented in Italy with the decree of 31 January 2003 of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and is therefore in force.