About Us

Speedy Ebike is a young company established in Dubai, specialized in the creation of Electric Fat Bikes with great powers to guarantee the fun in the vast dunes of the UAE desert.
The extreme uses to which our bikes are subjected, require the use of high-quality materials and meticulous care in the assembly, which is why we make custom and handcrafted bicycles, using precious materials like carbon fiber and titanium, ready to meet any request by our most demanding customers.
Our partners are leading companies of accessories and components for bicycles on the market leaders in various fields of expertise.

The used engines come up to a nominal capacity of 6.000w with a t

The batteries, which are the fundamental part of each ebike, are designed and assembled by a team of experts that for every ebike uses the model and the amount of the most suitable cells.
We use modern Lithium batteries, LI-ION with 800 cycles of charge and LIFE-PO4 which guarantee more than 2000 charging cycles. We can manufacture any kind of battery, even with custom shapes up to 144 Volt and 200 A
So whatever is your passion, from the simple walk into town to climb the steepest mountain, which is asphalt, soil, snow or sand request a quote with your needs and we’ll make the bike of your dreams, even not electric!

The European Directive 2002/24/EC
lays down the EPAC characteristics (Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle) as a bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with an output of 250 watts, which helps to pedal until reaching the 25 km / h and It applies only if the cyclist pedals.